About Me

Amir Ben-Yohanan presently is Chairman, Chief Executive, and Financial Officer at Clubhouse Media Group, Inc. and the Chief Executive Officer at West of Hudson Group, Inc. (a subsidiary of Clubhouse Media Group, Inc.). A development agency located in Beverly Hills, California. The company specializes in content creation, music management, and product development services. Founded in March 2020 and started operating a network of content media for influencers and offered management and production for talent.

The company has developed software to assist brands while predicting investment returns for their social media expenditures. This technology is designed for social media strategies and focuses on empowering creators to connect and interact with fans.

Company Objective

To harness the power, reach, and impact of Content Creators & Social Media “Influencers.” Our objective is to provide the platform for Content Creators to collaborate, create, and excel.

A World-Class Leadership Team

Our team is comprised of thought leaders and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields. Our leadership includes former Fortune 500 execs, Influencers, and entertainment media professionals. Our executive team has a combined 120 years of experience in Media and Entertainment and a deep background in Venture Capital and Startups.

Looking Ahead

We believe the future is digital. We believe in the power of people and connection. We also believe that we can change the world’s perception of what Social Media is. As we move into the years, we understand that social media and user-created content will continue expanding and becoming even more mainstream. Our mission is to be leaders in the industry and flexible enough to expand and build businesses with content creators, big and small.

In his past career, Amir Ben-Yohanan was Senior Director-Finance at AT&T Corp., where he was responsible for all finance, strategy, and business operations for the Wireless Network. As a former real estate agent, Amir Ben-Yohanan has built an impressive reputation in the industry. He received a graduate degree from The University of Sydney. While Amir has not been actively involved in social media in recent years, he has worked in finance and real estate for over a decade.

As an accomplished professional with an abundance of marketing and administrative experience, Amir Ben-Yohanan has a broad history of success in the communications and real estate sectors and is an executive and entrepreneur. Amir Ben-Yohanan focuses his professional efforts in the field of social media influence while generating significant sales figures that foster growth for his companies.


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