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Amir Ben-Yohanan

March 25, 2022


Clubhouse Media Group, Inc. Launches “LURE for Men” Cologne Brand


LOS ANGELESMarch 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Clubhouse Media Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: CMGR) (“CMGR”), an influencer-based social media firm and digital talent management agency, today announced that it has launched LURE, a high-end pheromone infused men’s cologne.  Amir Ben-Yohanan

Alex Kay
Alex Kay

LURE cologne is fortified with pheromones, known to attract the opposite sex. In recent weeks, it hit Amazons “Best Seller” list. Plans are underway to sell the product via different distribution platforms. The brand uses CMGR’s proprietary software Magiclytics, to analyze demographics and market to the most relevant audiences.

“Social media is a great place to launch consumer goods brands” said Amir Ben-Yohanan, CEO of CMGR . “In recent years, we’ve seen lots of companies launch successful, multi-million dollar brands utilizing almost solely social media marketing strategies. Creators available to CMGR, such as our female creators on, are perfect for this due to their high male following.”

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